COPUOSCommittee On the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
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In its resolution, the General Assembly specifically noted that "space debris" was "an issue of concern to all nations" (255) and called upon the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (STS) to COPUOS to make the issue of space debris a formal agenda item.
COPUOS is inappropriate, the major spacefaring nation (the United States) at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) First Committee is not interested, and the CD is ineffective.
At its 1995 meeting, the STSC of COPUOS had adopted a multi-year work plan that called for focused discussions on the principal space debris research areas: 1) debris measurements, 2) debris environment modeling and risk assessments, and 3) debris mitigation measures.
295) The UN has also performed numerous studies through COPUOS, (296) and the UN General Assembly Resolution 57/116 of 11 December 2002 recommended to Member States to devote more attention to debris-related issues.
Little compulsion exists in the rules articulated by either COPUOS or the various space treaties and institutions.
On the role of COPUOS in the development of international space law, see Nandasiri Jasentuliyana, The Law Making Process in the United Nations, in SPACE LAW: DEVELOPMENT AND SCOPE 33 (Nandasiri Jasentuliyana ed.
Acronyms and Abbreviations APFO Africa Peace Forum ASAT Anti-satellite ATT Arms Trade Treaty CD Conference on Disarmament COPUOS Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space CPT Christian Peacemaker Teams IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms ICG International Crisis Group IGAD Intergovernmental Authority on Development LRA Lord's Resistance Army MANPADS Man-portable air defence systems NPT Non-Proliferation Treaty OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OST Outer Space Treaty PAROS Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space SALW Small arms and light weapons SPLM/A Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army
Acronyms and Abbreviations BMD Ballistic missile defence BPG Bi-National Planning Group CANCOM Canada Command CASR Canadian American Strategic Review CD Conference on Disarmament COPUOS Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN) ENSA Ecumenical Network on Small Arms IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms ISAF International Security Assistance Force MSN Manufacturer serial number NGO Nongovernmental organization(s) NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command NORTHCOM Northern Command (US) OEF Operation Enduring Freedom PAROS Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space PoA Programme of Action (on small arms) SALW Small arras and light weapons SCJTF Standing Combined Joint Task Force YPI Young Professionals International
There are debates at the CD on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space, at COPUOS around the issue of space debris, during negotiations in the International Telecommunications Union, within the larger debate over developing ballistic missile defences, and in civil and military space programs in numerous countries.
Russia submitted a proposal at the most recent meeting of the COPUOS Long-term Sustainability Working Group that a UN-managed space object database be seriously studied.