COPVCanine Oral Papillomavirus
COPVComposite Overwrap Pressure Vessel
COPVCenter of Pressure Velocity
COPVCongregation of Puritan Values (non-profit Christian organization)
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There is increasing evidence that HPV is not cleared when lesions regress but as in COPV (45), CRPV (46) and BPV (47) infection remains in a latent state in a few basal keratinocytes (48-50).
Cell-mediated immune responses to COPV early proteins.
Were going to use the COPV as part of a cold-gas thruster system, Meador explains, noting that this involves moving the rockets payload during its flight, as well as spinning up the payload to improve the rockets aerodynamics during its descent to Earth.
The COPV project has involved several NASA centers Glenn Research Center, Langley Research Center, the Marshall Space Flight Center as well as industry.
In order to prevent such catastrophic COPV failure, the company plans to - in the short-term - change the way it loads helium, and, in the long term, implement design changes to the COPV to stop it from buckling.
Specifically, it was found that some COPV failed in accelerated stress rupture testing; that is, COPV is pressurized and held for extended periods.
As a tool for space COPV inspection, Chang [136] in 2003 assessed AE to be better on "inspection time" and "field use", as average on "flaw characterization", "simplicity" and "COPV preparation" and as weak on "whole field", "data evaluation" and "sensitivity".
It is known that COPVs are likely to suffer complicated internal damages by being dropped, by rough handling, or by impacts of dropped tools.
Thus, it is assumed that several damages were already inflicted on the COPV before the start of this study.
The training set was chosen so that a high and low burst pressure COPV from each damage category was included.