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In his address to the forces of the Popular Defense (mujahideen) in the capital of North Kordofan state the Wali (governor) said that his state was monitoring and follow up movement of the so-called Revolutionary Front and the People's Army Forces in Abu Karshula area and Al dyair Mountain, adding that the Armed Corces and the other security forces are stationed in all areas of Al Rahad Abu Dukna locality, and that the fifth column has infiltrated to um ruaba which it has been living in peace.
Ahora bien y como apuntan Ruiz y Corces (2007), los modelos de calidad (tambien llamados modelos de excelencia, en virtud de que integran pautas consideradas excelentes) son herramientas muy completas para el autodiagnostico y la mejora de las organizaciones que los aplican, ya que representan modelos de gestion que integran los principales aspectos que inciden en el desenvolvimiento de cualquier organizacion.
Valentin Corces for his assistance during the clinical trial development process, Dr.