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CORDICCoordinate Rotation Digital Computer
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Aunque el algoritmo CORDIC se desarrollo hacia la decada de los 60 del siglo pasado, sus aplicaciones son de este siglo.
En este trabajo se realizo una comparacion de los errores cometidos al usar el modulo CORDIC y un programa en C (precision doble) y los errores no tienen mayores repercusiones en los patrones de las imagenes generadas.
Algoritmo CORDIC para el calculo del producto y el cociente
Another way of performing down conversion without the sine or cosine look-up tables is the CORDIC (Co-Ordinate Rotation Digital Computer) algorithm.
By using the unfolding CORDIC technique, this algorithm can overcome the problem of difficult to realize pipeline that in conventional CORDIC algorithms.
In this paper a CORDIC (Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer) Jacobi method based spectrum sensing algorithm for single CR user or antenna is presented.
A macro architecture could encompass something as simple as a divide operation where you could use a CORDIC, a Newton-Raphson, a Goldschmidt or another division technique.
Signal Word Length Received Sample Input 10 CORDIC Input 14 CORDIC Output 14 FFT Output 13 FFT Twiddle Factor 18 Channel Response Output 16 Preamble Match Output 12 LS Estimator Output 14 STBC Decoder Output 9 IFFT/FFT Output 16 SMPIC Decorrelator Output 14 Path Decorrelator Output 14
CORDIC algorithm introduces latency and has limited input domain [8].
And in rotation mode, CORDIC algorithm can easily implement complex vector rotation, simply needs shift and addition operations, and it is feasible to be implemented by a pipelined method [7].