CORECCentral Office of Research Ethics Committees (UK)
CORECCommission de la Recherche Clinique
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California is our home market, and we are looking forward to working with COREC to serve doctors throughout Orange County," said Kal Patel, CEO of SuiteMed.
We are here to help Orange County providers adopt, implement and qualify for federal incentives to defray the cost of buying and transitioning to a certified EHR," said Karynsue Frank, director of COREC.
COREC has fostered the collaboration of health information technology specialists to develop strategies and practices that streamline adoption of electronic health records.
COREC also provides post-implementation guidance side by side with the provider and staff for the entire 90-day qualifying period to ensure the transition to electronic health record and attestation to meaningful use is achieved.
Orange County providers who are enrolled with COREC have access to analytic tools as well as other on-site technical services and practice workflow integration support.
The Company's Crankcase Ventilating Systems (CVS) consists of two distinct products called the POWERVALVE ECV-1 and COREC SYSTEM which are the first and only electronically controlled PCV/Crankcase Oil Recovery Emission Control Systems designed for gasoline and diesel engines respectively.
Now, new technology and a unique process has created SaVi Media Groups' Powervalves, ECV-2 and COREC system, which, after milestone testing and verification could result in executive orders for the supplementary vehicle emissions product.