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COREOConsortium of Regional Ecological Observatories
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Furthermore the recent slump in the Dubai real estate market has meant we are absorbing a lot of expatriate workers who we would traditionally expect to relocate there - and at COREO we have actually seen growth in the real estate market this quarter compared with last quarter.
Trusted Computing, Secure Boot and the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) bring immensely powerful security functionality to users," said Matthew Garrett, principal security software engineer at CoreOS and a board member of the Free Software Foundation.
Those interested in using Kubernetes on AWS can use the Tectonic AWS installer, available through the Tectonic Preview, or use the do-it-yourself CoreOS Kubernetes on AWS open source guides.
Robert Cornish, CTO of International Securities Exchange, and Paul Morgan, systems architect at International Securities Exchange, will talk about the ISE's container strategy and how using technologies such as CoreOS to make true application portability a reality.
Tectonic is a commercial distribution of the combined CoreOS portfolio and Kubernetes, an open source technology introduced by Google.
The Berlin office will serve as a European engineering hub for existing and future CoreOS products and will grow to service the expanding customer base throughout Europe.
Those interested in using Kubernetes on AWS, can use the Tectonic AWS Installer, available through the Tectonic Preview, or use the do-it-yourself CoreOS Kubernetes on AWS open source guides published today.
For companies that want to get started using Kubernetes and run their applications in the same way Google runs today, CoreOS has the product and support offerings to make you successful," said Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS.
Intel has a long history of fostering innovation and, by working with companies like CoreOS and the broader community, we're helping to bring container technology to the data center.
Combining the CoreOS portfolio and Kubernetes, Tectonic brings enterprises a platform to securely run containers
The company recently launched their cloud application marketplace that includes a library of more than 50 leading open-source packages, in addition to most OS distributions, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, CoreOS and Windows.
The new integration enables CoreOS users to very easily send logs using the Journal logging system, part of CoreOS' Systems process manager, directly into Logentries for real-time monitoring, alerting, and data visualization.