CORPACouncil on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation
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Corpas en el segundo semestre del 2011, semilleros de investigacion: Mairlys Shakira Alvarez Ortiz, Lina Silvana Arce Celis y Alfonso Leonardo Camacho Gongora.
Corpas Pastor, cuya brillante trayectoria investigadora gira en torno a ambas disciplinas y que de forma tan novedosa ha combinado en la obra que nos ocupa.
Ademas, Corpas Pastor (1997) senala que la nocion de idiomaticidad remite a la idea de algo propio de un idioma.
A wonderful and exciting publication, then, for the scholar of Irish words and names, but one small quibble arises in relation to its title: should this not be Corpas Gaeilge na hEireann?
Por otra parte, y de acuerdo con Corpas Pastor (1996), echamos mano de tales unidades cuando queremos procesar nuestro discurso de modo expedito, i.
Eugene got an unearned run off Manuel Corpas in the fourth inning to take a 1-0 lead.
UJimenez, Affeldt (5), Herges (5), Fuentes (6), Corpas (8) and Torrealba; Schilling, Okajima (6), Papelbon (8) and Varitek.
For example, no one will ever know what would have happened if perpetually grumpy second baseman Jeff Kent, when he stepped in against Rockies rookie reliever Manuel Corpas with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth inning of a tie score, would have worked the count instead of jumping on the first pitch and popping it up.
Corpas then replaced Francis and immediately hit Olmedo Saenz to load the bases.