COSAPCampus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (University of New Mexico)
COSAPChildren of Substance-Abusing Parents
COSAPCanone Occupazione Suolo Aree Pubbliche (Italian: Rent for Occupation of Public Areas)
COSAPCanadian Organization of Senior Artists and Performers
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It wishes to entrust in concession service revenue collection municipal or ongoing management of voluntary and compulsory municipal revenue: water services, IMU, TARI, TASI, municipal advertising tax, rights public bill, COSAP etc.
The contract has as its object the concession of activities that the tax assessment and property revenues and not, of back - office and front - office de service charges and management phases taxation and collection, ordinary and compulsory , of the following municipal revenue - TARSU - TARES - ICI - IMU - IUC (IARI, TASI, and IMU) - COSAP, ICP and DPA-TOSAP - infrastructure costs and construction costs, concession fees - sanctions the rules of the road (only coercive activities).
Tourist Land Employment and Public Areas (including the daily tax on waste) / COSAP - License fee for Occupation of Public Spaces and areas, where the Administration decided in the future to establish the canon,- I.