COSCOMCorps Support Command (US Army)
COSCOMCoastal Command (Coast Guard/Navy, Singapore)
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A 3rd COSCOM battle captain explained, "Once the 27th Transportation Battalion, with their two understrength movement control teams, the 15th and 30th, deployed, the entire function of movement control support for all remaining forces in Germany was suddenly thrust upon the TMCA.
The Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM), at Fort Lee, Virginia, has been working on the changes from a COSCOM to an ESC and TSC for years and has made enormous strides in advancing the logistics forces into the current modular force structure.
During its year in Iraq, the 13th COSCOM oversaw 62,000 convoys, processed 2,000 tons of mail and installed quality-of-life improvements to the base camp, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools and movie theaters.
The author, a former support operations officer in the 13th COSCOM, provided a checklist for units to use when looking for their gear in theater.
Realizing the potential humanitarian benefit of cleaning the canal, the advisor contacted the Civil Affairs Office of the 3d COSCOM.
In addition to supporting dedicated customers, automatic referrals from other SSAs were established by the 3d COSCOM, which indirectly caused a net increase in customers.
The detachment was chosen after working with the COSCOM on two field exercises.
To ensure that it provided quality input to the requirements conference and captured updated information, the 3d COSCOM reviewed the force structure quarterly with its subordinate brigade headquarters.
Missing a disk drop was a significant, sometimes emotional, event for any unit within the 1st COSCOM.