COSIMClimate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling
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As COSIM imams explained, fundamental values of Islam--honesty, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, solidarity, and so on--are not fundamentally different from the core values of the democratic, secular republic.
It was also chosen as the headquarters of the COSIM national secretariat.
Since 1988, when the imams' board first coalesced, COSIM has organized nationwide mobilizations for Islamic holidays in order to observe the appearance of the moon and fix exclusive dates for celebrations throughout the country.
But when the warring parties signed the Ouagadougou peace agreement in March 2007, a few months after Cheikh Fofana's return from a four-year exile in the US to become head of COSIM, the Islamic institution pledged to make it a priority to contribute to the post-war reconstruction of the multi-ethnic nation and secular republican state.
It was with the greatest discretion that Cheikh Fofana, imam Samassi and other COSIM leaders (51) took refuge in the Golf Hotel where Ouattara was leading his embargoed government under the protection of the United Nations.