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COSMICConstellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate (collaboration project between US University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and ROC National Space Program Office)
COSMICComputer Software Management and Information Center
COSMICConcepts and Operations for Space and Missile Defense Integration Capabilities
COSMICThe Common Software Measurement International Consortium
COSMICNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Security Category (US DoD)
COSMICCountry Specific Model for Intertemporal Climate
COSMICCommon System Main Interconnecting Frame
COSMICCoherent Optical System of Modular Imaging Collectors
COSMICComponent Synthesis with Model Integrated Computing
COSMICComputer Software Management Information Center
COSMICComparing Options in Secondary Mathematics: Investigating Curriculum (NSF-funded research project)
COSMICChamber Orchestra of Southern Marylnd in Concert
COSMICCenters For Ocean Surveillance & Maritime Information Coordination
COSMICCorporate Sustainability Management in Indian Companies (Adelphi; Berlin, Germany)
COSMICCatalogue of Somatic Mutation in Cancer (database)
COSMICConservation of Ancient Monuments in Cultivation
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I believe this is just the beginning of a greater disclosure, preparing us for cosmic contact
The highest-energy cosmic rays are rare, and given their charged nature - which makes them interact with the magnetic fields of large objects in space they encounter, such as galaxies - they deviate somewhat from their original direction of travel.
Think of the local cosmic structure as a gravitational water park: the twisty slides start high (where the void is) and end up low (where the supercluster is), with the natural motion always being down--that is, with gravity.
The Cosmic JS Founders actively contribute to the Cosmic JS Blog, and recently have received requests from agency partners to be able to contribute to the blog eco-system.
The galactic cosmic rays detected by ACE that allowed the team to estimate the age of the cosmic rays, and the distance to their source, contain a radioactive form of iron called Iron-60 (60Fe).
Ankara 11th High Criminal Court Judge Kadir Kayan, in December of 2009, ordered a search of the cosmic room where secret documents of the General Staff are kept.
It also questioned a proposed link between cosmic rays and cloud cover, pointing to flaws in a recent study that made the link, where correlation occurred only in certain regions rather than over the globe.
They found a small correlation between cosmic rays and global temperatures occurring every 22 years; however, the changing cosmic ray rate lagged behind the change in temperatures by between one and two years, suggesting that the cause may not be down to cosmic rays and cloud formation, but may be due to the direct effects of the Sun.
By acquiring Cosmic, the company will extend its own IP portfolio, thus bolstering its solutions to address mobile device, cloud and datacentre as well as Internet market opportunities, it explained.
Cosmic Strings have also in past tied up with Gurgaon community radio 107.
Ian Buchanan, who with Larry Flynn completed the Cosmic Cases, said: "Malcolm had seen Wootton Bassett win at York and Doncaster but couldn't make Longchamp.
The paper ' Contribution of changing galactic cosmic ray flux to global warming' by U.