COSPConference of State Parties (United Nation Convention Against Corruption)
COSPConsumer Operated Service Program
COSPCommunity Offender Support Program (Australia)
COSPCentre d'Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle et de Psychologie Scolaire (Switzerland)
COSPCommunity for Open Source Promotion
COSPCode of Standard Practice (AISC)
COSPConférence d’Orientation Stratégique et de Programmation (Conference on Strategic Orientation and Planning)
COSPCertified Ogone Solution Provider
COSPConnection-Oriented Session Protocol
COSPCustomer-Owned Outside Plant
COSPCanadian Oil Substitution Program
COSPContinued Operational Safety Program (aviation)
COSPCommander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific
COSPCommencement of Sea Passage
COSPCity of Self Pity (Liverpool nickname; UK)
COSPChoeur et Orchestre de Sciences-Po (French choir and orchestra)
COSPCompagnie d'Organisation des Salons des Professions (French trade fair organizer)
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Adapting QuickBeam to the ARM cloud radar simulator within COSP required two changes: one was to set the frequency to 35 GHz for the ARM Ka-band cloud radar, as opposed to 94 GHz used for the CloudSat W-band radar, and the second was to invert the view to be from the ground to space so as to attenuate the beam correctly.
The ARM cloud radar simulator makes use of the COSP subgrid-scale generator ("SCOPS") to produce subgrid-scale distributions of clouds and precipitation from GCM outputs to address the scale mismatch between a GCM gridbox and ARM point measurements.
Records will be stored in a database, so reports can indicate all the products a producer owns or intends to harvest, their COSP, a regional trend for a series of products and so on.
COSP information is classified in function of various stages of production related to:
Our goals in this component of the study were to (1) determine whether any significant differences existed in the four measures of empowerment (three personal-level empowerment measures and one organizationally mediated empowerment measure) by experimental condition, (2) determine whether the COSP sites varied with respect to differences between the experimental and control groups or to change over time, (3) describe patterns of change in empowerment over time, and finally (4) examine whether engagement intensity in the COSP resulted in greater changes in empowerment (i.
Exclusion criteria included (1) an inability to participate in the research interviews or (2) more than minimal involvement in the COSPS under study within the past 6 months (>3 visits to or meetings in the COSP under study).
Also, those passages denoted with "(COSP-Q)" are those drawn from the responses to the COSP Questionnaires.
Netbet has an exclusive Agreement with COSP whereby Netbet receives 80% of COSP's net revenue in return for Netbet supplying technology, marketing and financial consulting to COSP.
The terms of the Agreement between COSP and SI include a 50/50 sharing of net revenues and a marketing/technology interchange.
As an additional precaution, COSP has contracted with an A+ insurance company to cover any loss suffered as a result of the unauthorized use of an individual's credit card and to guarantee payment of prizes.
However, COSP has sole control over the casinos' operation.