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COSPARCommittee On Space Research
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Minister Ayers confirmed Sydney won COSPAR ahead of votes for China (Shanghai), Czech Republic (Prague), Spain (Valencia) and Switzerland (Lausanne).
Australias successful bid to host COSPAR was led by the Australian Academy of Science and the University of New South Wales, with the strong support of the Australian space research community and Business Events Sydney, said Professor Russell Boyce, Director of UNSW Canberras space program and Chair of the Academys National Committee for Space and Radio Science.
As you know, a General Assembly of our organization will be held in Moscow very soon, in August," the president of COSPAR said.
The Russian president and the COSPAR head also had a look at a model of the Russian space station Mir, which operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001.
39th COSPAR Scientic Assembly, 14-22 July 2012, Mysore, India (C2.
Peters-Lidard is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was awarded the COSPAR Zeldovich Medal in 2004 and the Arthur S.
De Witt attended a COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop on Space Astrophysics with NASA & ESA Missions: Swift, Chandra & XMM-Newton in Alexandria, Egypt in January 2008.
Canada's fifty years in space; the COSPAR anniversary.
and Kruchio, the founding editor of an online academic journal on technology and culture, have written this commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Canadian space program to celebrate the first meeting of COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) in 1958.