COTACConference on Training in Architectural Conservation
COTACCooperation in Transportation And Communication
COTACCommittee on Transport and Communications (Malaysia)
COTACCollege of Trade and Commerce (North Charleston, SC)
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The COTAC already had started to slow the jet when I took back the controls.
By 0030 (17 hours after my first man-up), my COTAC and I were awaiting a tow at the end of the runway--one last precaution against the possibility of damaged gear.
As I throttled back after stopping, my old-hand COTAC calmly replied, "Power.
I told this to my COTAC as I tested the brakes at 110 knots.
As I neared the final approach course, my COTAC began pimping approach control for a turn; approach did not reply.
My COTAC began checking us through the frequencies and contacted our representative.
I yelled to my COTAC, "I've got it, and fire off the APU," as I climbed away from the water.
The COTAC put Roosevelt Roads in the GPS that we used in place of our TACAN.
When we reached 400 pounds below bingo, COTAC finally declared bingo and told the boat we would be diverting.
As we approached the carrier initial, my COTAC and I experienced an increase in cockpit temperature.
We had just come to a stop since the lead and Dash 2 were getting their brakes checked, when I heard the COTAC yell, "Ground says our No.
After an abbreviated flight brief, my COTAC and I talked about the "detect to engage" exercise we were doing with the battle group's cruiser.