CotGCrown of the Gods (gaming)
CotGConsent of the Governed (political theory)
CotGCarnival of the Godless (atheist blogspace watch)
CotGChildren of the Gods (Stargate SG-1 espisode)
CotGChampions of the Galaxy (game)
CotGCircle of the Goddess (various locations)
CotGCleanout to Grade (plumbing/piping)
CotGChildren of the Games (website)
CotGCouncil of Technical Groups (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society)
CotGCrazy Old Testament God
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The COTG also fears that the measure may have a negative effect on the cooperation between hospitals and pharmacies.
Hence, unless these treatments are allowed for in the budget -- through production agreements approved by the COTG -- they will result in budget overruns.
COTG is a 50/50 joint venture established in 1983 between CNOOC (China National Offshore Oil Company) and Thales GeoSolutions.
The discussions from the variety of groups defining XML vocabularies for their industries highlighted the very challenging goal of universal interoperability," said ASC X12 COTG Chair Karen Raper of LittleSys Inc.
Offering a place for global XML convergence and interoperability, ASC X12 COTG serves as a point of entry and outreach for organizations developing business message specifications for their industries.
COTG also announced the resignations on April 22, 1999 of Messrs.
In an unrelated matter, pursuant to the terms of the previously reported March 25, 1999 agreement between COTG and a group of purchasers consisting principally of Netsmart's management and directors, COTG notified Netsmart Technologies, Inc.
In addition, certain COTG shareholders granted options to TAL, exercisable for a period of 13 months, to purchase an additional 7,999,785 shares of COTG's Common Stock, representing approximately an additional 17% of COTG's issued and outstanding shares, at an exercise price of $.
On April 19, 1999, in anticipation of the foregoing transactions, the Board of Directors appointed Frank DeLape, a TAL designee, as a director of COTG.
COTG owns approximately 67% of the total issued and outstanding shares of Arc's Common Stock.
As a result of the settlement, COTG realized, and will report for the third quarter ending September 30, 1998, an extraordinary gain of approximately $5,600,000 from the cancellation of such indebtedness.
COTG also issued 333,000 shares of its common stock to the holders of such Subordinated Promissory Notes in satisfaction of IMI's contractual obligations under the agreements relating to the 1994 acquisition referred to above.