COTNChildren of the Night
COTNCreatures of the Night (Nooka watch brand)
COTNChurch of the Nations (Athens, GA)
COTNCoffee Out the Nose
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It is easy to wear the IOION waterproof, ionized and stylish pieces with pride knowing that it helps COTN take one more child off the streets.
The mean number of hairs was greatest in Stoneville 453 (second leaf) and DP DES 119 (fifth leaf) and was lowest in DP 51 and NU COTN 33B (for second and fifth leaves).
DP DES 119 and Stoneville 453 had the greatest number of eggs on the second node leaf and fifth node leaf, respectively, whereas NU COTN 33B and DP 51 had the least number of whitefly eggs.
The mean numbers of all whitefly stages were always greater on the pubescent cultivars, DP DES 119 and Stoneville 453, than on the glabrous cultivars, DP 51 and NU COTN 33B.
NU COTN 33B had the lowest number of parasitoids emerging (17, 5.