COTPCaptain Of The Port
COTPCovenant of the Phoenix (gaming)
COTPConditional Offer to Purchase
COTPChampion of the People
COTPConnection-Oriented Transport Protocol
COTPChildren of the Past
COTPCommon Operational and Tactical Pictures
COTPCitizen of the Planet (Alanis Morissette song)
COTPCommanding Officer's Tactical Plot
COTPCommunications on the Pause
COTPChief, Officer Training Program
COTPCorrectional Officer Training Program
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DELNG sent a Letter of Intent ("LOI") to COTP Sector Northern New England on December 20, 2005, that it sought to construct an LNG import terminal and associated infrastructure in Washington County, Maine.
55 authorizes the COTP to permit a vessel to deviate from the equipment and operational requirements of 33 CFR Part 164 if he or she deems the deviation will not impair the safe navigation of the vessel under anticipated operating conditions.
Under Section 1226 of the PWSA, the COTP may establish an anti-terrorism "security zone," defined as "an area of land, water, or land and water .
In addition to the ability to promulgate and enforce safety and security zones, which apply to all vessels, the Coast Guard has delegated the authority to the COTP pursuant to the PWSA to issue orders to a specific vessel.
Like the PWSA, the regulations in Part 6 provide the COTP with broad authority that includes both safety and security zones.