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COTRIMComité Technique Régional de l'Information Médicale
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TVI: Joao Cotrim de Figueiredo, Andre Cerqueira, Margarida Victoria Pereira, Fatima de Jesus, Maria Ana Borges de Sousa
However, in many cases small populations can retain higher than expected heterozygosity (Lesica and Allendorf, 1992; Cotrim et al.
Cavadas C, Araujo I, Cotrim MD, Amaral T Cunha AP Macedo T et al.
KEY PERSONNEL: Jacques Antonio Aubry, president and CEO; Gero Pluecker, vice president; Flavid Cotrim, marketing manager; Celeste Magacho, technical manager.
Amoxicillin/clavulanate * Augmentin Azithromycin * Zithromax Cefdinir * Omnicef Cefixime * Suprax Cefpodoxime * Vantin Cefprozil * Cefzil Ceftriaxone * Rocephin Cefuroxime * Ceftin Clarithromycin * Biaxin Erythromycin-sulfisoxazole * Eryzole, Pediazole Gatifloxacin * Tequin Levofloxacin * Levaquin Loracarbef * Lorabid Telithromycin * Ketek TMP-SMZ * Bactrim, Cotrim, Septra, Sulfatrim
We do not have good estimates of how many children are getting cotrim," says the WHO's Dr.