COUDCentre des Oeuvres Universitaires de Dakar
COUDCrab Orchard Utility District (Crossville, TN)
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A la fin de cette operation je les couds sur la nappe[beaucoup plus grand que] explique le jeune homme en montrant quelques petits morceaux de nappe accroches sur les murs de son magasin.
Christianity came to the Goths in the east much before (Ulfila and his Couds Argenteus) it came to Central Europe--possibly because the Goths who were 'settled' folk and hence civilised and more 'amenable' to newer trends of thoughts than the warring central European tribes--geographically too the Goths were closer to the middle east where Christianity originated.
COU (j'y couds des perles, avant que la mort le couple de