COVADISCommission de Validation des Données pour l'Information Spatialisée (French: Data Validation Committee for Spatial Information)
COVADISCoronary Vasomotion Disorders International Study Group
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Quantity or scope: In particular, the benefits include: - implementation plans surveys including the establishment of horizontal and vertical canvas, raised points, providing horizontal and vertical planes, and supply of computer files on CD ROM (or email) points of listings rose in x, y and z including files compatible ASCII format with MACRO-TRACK software and scanned plans consistent with AUTOCAD, MENSURA and COVADIS AUTOPISTE including DWG files; - the execution of plans and Cadastral states, fragmented and piecemeal investigation; - the establishment of amending documents of cadastral parcels - the planting work axes, cross sections, rights of way or other; - the control survey of landscape locations ; - the realization proofing and land plans.