COWDCost of Work Done
COWDClose of Work Day
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The COWD also advised its customers to store water while it is still available.
He took exception to the COA report's observation that RVWCI was declared a 'non-responsive bidder' by the COWD bids and awards committee before the board of directors went on to award the Bulk Water Supply Project.
Alvarez said that since the COWD made 'unqualified and unequivocal representations,' the RVWCI complied with its obligations in good faith and completed the project ahead of schedule.
COWD and PPF forged a commitment to protect and conserve the environment towards sustainable development through its Adopt a Site Project.
PPF Northern Mindanao Sales Manager Jonathan Bitonga, meanwhile, reiterated the foundations commitment to assist COWD in its efforts to sustain water security.
She sued Alvarez as an incorporator of RVWCI, the contractor that treats water from the Bubunauan River and delivers it to the COWD.
Public respondents belonging to the COWD were: vice chair Federico Gapuz, secretary Raymundo Java, treasurer Sarah Borja, assistant secretary/treasurer Sandy Bass Jr.
With climate change projections that predict less overall future rainfall, the COWD decided it was time to increase its water supply through NRW reduction.
COWD general manager Rachel Beja said she was hoping that the NRW program would be sustained in the coming years.