CPALCommon Public Attribution License (software licensing)
CPALCrime Prevention Analysis Lab (California State University)
CPALCanadian Pacific Air Lines
CPALChina Pacific Asia Limited
CPALClinical Probing Attachment Level
CPALCost per Aircraft Landing
CPALClub Patinage Artistique Limoges (French: Limoges Figure Skating Club; Limoges, France)
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Since delivery started in February 2010 we have had fantastic results with over 18,000 people recruited to the CPAL, Move4Life and Move into Sport projects and people are successfully increasing their levels of physical activity after six months as a result.
Although the revised CPAL states that all pharmaceutical manufacturers should adopt GMP to assure product quality, it does not make clear which agent would take up this responsibility and how to achieve this policy goal.
It is mind boggling to me that this permit was rejected," said CPAL director Peter Altman.
CPAL will assist police in visualizing and analyzing crime to deploying limited resources and providing information integral to community based policing.
CPAL will eventually be able to help further reduce environmental factors which contribute to crime," Patricia Brantingham, also an SFU criminology professor and co-director of CPAL, adds.
The Bush administration's repeal of the roadless rule threatens the Appalachian Trail's recreational and natural values by hacking apart the forest protections that preserve the character and ecology of the trail," said CPAL director Peter Altman.
CPAL is supported by NHS County Durham and Darlington and County Durham Sport, and Peter was a prime candidate as he is at higher risk of cardio vascular disease due to his diabetes.
2, slated for early September, will be licensed under the OSI's (Open Source Initiative) newly approved CPAL License.
The CPAL, approved by the OSI in July 2007, was written to accommodate the 40+ versions of MPL-based (Mozilla Public License) licenses in use by various software developers.
CPAL is a private software company involved in crime prevention.