CPATHCenter for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (San Francisco, CA)
CPATHCISE Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education (US National Science Foundation)
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Though the US General Accounting Office recently issued a report criticizing the US Trade Representative for not opening most of its committees to public interest representatives, the USTR has failed, despite repeated requests from CPATH and others, to appoint representatives of public and environmental health organizations to several ITACs.
CPATH links health, healthcare, and global trade communities to create economically and socially just, democratically accountable, and environmentally sustainable solutions to the negative effects of economic globalization.
CPATH has also called for the creation of an independent, Congressionally created committee of public health experts to advise Congress on how USTR-negotiated trade agreements will impact public health--determinations that could be made outside of the realm of corporations and their allies at USTR.