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CPBCorporation for Public Broadcasting
CPBCardiopulmonary Bypass
CPBCentraal Planbureau
CPBCartagena Protocol on Biosafety (international biosafety agreement)
CPBConsumer Protection Board (State of New York)
CPBColorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa Decemlineata)
CPBCentral Pacific Bank
CPBClinical Policy Bulletin
CPBCommunist Party of Bangladesh
CPBCommunist Party of Burma
CPBCommunist Party of Britain
CPBCoastal Patrol Boat (USCG)
CPBCharged Particle Beam
CPBCenter for Practical Bioethics (Kansas City, MO)
CPBCenter for Population Biology
CPBCentral Planning Office (Dutch)
CPBCanada Premium Bonds
CPBCalifornia Prune Board
CPBCoded Picture Buffer (digital TV)
CPBCorporation of the Presiding Bishop
CPBCivilian Personnel Bulletin
CPBConference Program Board
CPBCongress Parliamentary Board
CPBCrime Prevention Branch
CPBComputer Program Book
CPBConducting Personal Business (on the job)
CPBCivilian Personnel Branch
CPBCommunity Policing Bureau
CPBComitato Pendolari di Bergamo
CPBCareer Planning Board
CPBCritical Pressure Boiler
CPBConcrete Placing Boom (construction)
CPBConstant Prepayment on the Balloon
CPBConfiguration Policy Board
CPBCoopérative des Producteurs de Bois (French: Wood Producers Cooperative)
CPBCommission Paritaire de Branche (French: Joint Branch Committee)
CPBCharentes Préfabrication Béton (French prefabricated concrete company)
CPBCercle Paul Bert (French sports club)
CPBCordless Phone Battery
CPBCentre de Protection du Bâtiment (French: Building Protection Center)
CPBCompagnie Parisienne de Bâtiment (French: Parisian Construction Company; Paris, France)
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CPB Contractors Managing Director Juan Santamaria said: Delivering new and upgraded transport infrastructure within operational road environments is a core capability for CPB Contractors, and our priority is the safe and efficient management of these live networks during construction.
It's not rare for CPB officers to confiscate counterfeit merchandise: in 2016, officers confiscated some (http://www.
Benninger offers a complete CPB dyeing station for knits and woven fabrics, and with this kind of dyeing allows that the reactive dye is fixed at room temperature.
With a $66,000 grant from CPB, six public radio stations transmitted emergency alert test messages using text and graphics as part of the statewide "Great California ShakeOut" earthquake drill last October.
In contrast, the totally enclosed and sealed Posistop CPB keeps the oil shear fluid in and the dirt, oil, moisture and chemical fumes out, eliminating these problems, according to the manufacturer.
Cimic Group chief executive Adolfo Valderas said: "Cimic Group and CPB Contractors are pleased to be involved in the expansion of Brisbane Airport and to contribute our major project experience to support one of Australia's fastest growing passenger and freight transport hubs.
After approval from the hospital ethics committee, 98 consecutive patients coming for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) on CPB were selected.
sup][7] Besides, CPB of more than 2 h, longer surgical times, and reoperation were associated with lower RANTES levels in pediatric cardiac surgery.
3,5 This increases the importance of doing CPB with pleural fluid cytology in exudative PE to differentiate TPE from MPE.
Ngo joined the company in 2010 as EVP and chief administrative officer, and currently serves as president and chief operating officer of CPF and CPB.
in the federal role in supporting CPB due to concerns over the federal
Results: Young children, female gender, lower body weight and surface area, cyanotic heart diseases, types of procedures, longer time of CPB and aortic clamping time, low temperature, type of oxygenator used in CPB (affinity), higher total intra- operative doses of heparin and protamine, all were shown to significantly increase postoperative blood loss and transfusion requirement.