CPCACalifornia Primary Care Association
CPCACisco Personal Communications Assistant
CPCACanadian Palliative Care Association
CPCACanadian Portland Cement Association
CPCACanadian Professional Coaches Association
CPCAChinese Patriotic Catholic Association
CPCAConnecticut Primary Care Association
CPCACrime Prevention Coalition of America (Arlington, Virginia)
CPCACanadian Personal Chef Alliance
CPCAChina Passenger Car Association
CPCAChinese Professionals Club of Australia
CPCAChildren's Performing Company of Australia (est. 1984)
CPCAChicago Paint & Coatings Association
CPCACore Program Cooperative Agreement
CPCACanadian Paint and Coating Association
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A longstanding member of CPCA's Board of Directors, he works closely with CPCA on a range of cross border issues and leads the Secretariat for the International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC), dealing with significant global issues impacting the industry around the world.
Foram preparadas duas diferentes formulacoes: aquelas produzidas sem cinzas com 100% de cimento Portland e as com cinzas com 80% de cimento e 20% de CPCA (McCarter & Tran, 1996), alem da polpa de eucalipto branqueada e das fibras de bagaco de cana-de-acucar.
Cada biotipo recibio aplicacion de CPCA (inhibidor de la KARI) solamente, o CPCA + nicosulfuron (Cuadro 2).
According to the report, the bishop's declaration that he intended to resign from the CPCA sent shock waves through the official hierarchy, as it was seen as a challenge to Chinese state control over Catholic churches and clergy.
Liu Bainian, honorary chair of the CPCA who manages the Bishops Conference of the Catholic Church in China, says that what he and his colleagues look for in choosing a bishop is "talent who love the country and love religion; politically, they should respect the Constitution, respect the law, and fervently love the socialist motherland.
Time series covered by logbook data The CPCA indicated that lunar day represented only 13.
Because most of the world's laminates are produced by Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese companies, one would think that JPCA, CPCA, TPCA, HKPCA and their laminate-supplying members should join hands with IPC to battle the implementation of another frivolous regulation, and, as a united force, publicize this activity widely.
De ahi que bien podamos afirmar que con la aprobacion del nuevo CPCA, nuestro sistema ha anadido un nuevo eslabon al ya existente, que indudablemente contribuira en la construccion de ese ideal democratico.
capucinus between locations in the CPCA and OCA (Fisher's exact test p=0.
CPCA Chair, John Payne, says: "We are encouraged that the Secretary of State has called the application in, recognising the contentiousness of an application including building houses on protected parkland.
The CPCA algorithm was used in this application building upon the work presented by Smilde et al.