CPDLCController Pilot Data Link Communications
CPDLCController Pilot Data Link Communications (aviation)
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The CPDLC system, which aims to provide automated communications between controller and pilot, is expected to be deployed at the key site - Miami's air route traffic control centre - in June 2003 with national deployment beginning six months later at the 19 other air route traffic control centres.
American Airlines, ARINC, and Rockwell Collins will continue to demonstrate the benefits of CPDLC in an operational air traffic control environment in Europe's upper airspace during Phase II of the PETAL test service.
CPDLC Build 1A will be deployed at the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Centre in June 2003 and is designed to provided more efficient, automated communications between controller and pilot and reduce operational error occurring due to misunderstood voice communications.
The other CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award nominees were: the High Reliability Organisation (HRO) programme, skyguide; Think Act Be SAFE project team, led by Brendan Booth, Head of Safety & Quality Standards, and Aarti Parajia, Employee Communications Specialist, NATS; Air Traffic Organization & Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration; and CPDLC Safety Survey, Survey Sponsor and Survey Team, FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) (ANS Czech Republic, Austro Control, HungaroControl).
Myanmar originally hoped to have ADS and CPDLC operational as early as mid- 1996, but subsequently opted to defer investment in favour of more conventional systems.
CPDLC allows pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate with each other through text messages.
2 provides CPDLC improvement, system capacity increase and operational improvements