CPFHCost Per Flying Hour
CPFHCenter for Population and Family Health (Columbia University; New York, NY)
CPFHCarr-Purcell-Freeman-Hill (biological sequence)
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The CPFH for bombers is too high to employ them without predetermined target sets, on the off chance that they fly and refrain from delivering munitions.
One should note that the CPFH of the T-6A trainers is only $2,500.
Featuring a lower CPFH, lower speeds and altitude capability, longer loiter times, large capacity for stores, and redundant ground-threat-specific systems to protect both the airframe and its pilot, it lives up to its reputation as a platform built with one objective: providing CAS.
Since CPFH calculations have yet to be determined for the F-35, this article assumed that they are close to those of the now fully operational F-22 because of the aircraft's similarities (i.
36) CPFHs of newly purchased aircraft would be extremely low initially due to warranty considerations, rising to approximately $2,500/hour based on T-6A averages from 2009-13.
Define the CPFH model and the data used to compute hourly costs
Once these assumptions were validated, changes in CPFH could be calculated, factoring in the following general assumptions:
Kimbrough identified the three major cost variables of the aircraft CPFH calculation model to be:
CPFH is calculated by adding the three major cost variables and dividing by the number of hours flown throughout the fiscal year.
Assuming these ratios can be applied to strategic CPFH models across any weapon system, we are able to estimate CPFH changes based on ASD and the number of sorties flown.
With the statistical analysis complete, we are able to examine and discuss the specific impact of failures to CPFH under two distinct scenarios.
This model is represented in Figure 2, and although the data used in this research was notional ($6,000 original CPFH for a 1.