CPFICentral Port Fuel Injection
CPFICentre du Patrimoine de la Facture Instrumentale (French music heritage center)
CPFIChristian Pharmacists Fellowship International (Blountville, TN)
CPFICivil Protection Financial Instrument (EU)
CPFICycle Polo Federation of India (est. 1966)
CPFIChest Pain for Investigation
CPFICentre Permanent de Formation Individualisée (French: Permanent Individualized Training Center)
CPFICentromere Promoter Factor I
CPFIColorado Plateau Field Institute (Price, UT)
CPFICardiopulmonary Flow Index (cardiology)
CPFICollaborative Planning Forecasting Information
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What gives CPFI an advantage over MNCs is the 'access to decision makers,' says Vera.
5 2410 [+ or -] 25 53271 Balaena mysticetus 10 2230 [+ or -] 20 CPFI S-3433 Balaena mysticetus 72 6490 [+or -] 130 GSC-5295 Picea driftwood 68 5870 [+ or -] 70 GSC-5087 Hiatella arctica 65.
The CPFI curve places the site within the isostatic domain of the Foxe Dome because middle Holocene shorelines there are even higher than they are at Cape Chapman.
5 Abernethy Bay 24 10 Cape Chapman 36 16 CPFI 40 12-16
Somewhat fewer bowheads seem to have reached CPFI during the middle Holocene, and they evidently retreated from there by about 4200 BP (Fig.
Intervals of time spent searching were similar in each area, though shortened by about one-third at Abernethy Bay and CPFI because of weather conditions.
CPFI, the maximum abundance of sites is at the highest occupied levels, perhaps reflecting the sudden arrival of established band-size populations from elsewhere in the region, as opposed to smaller "pioneering" populations.
2), those on or below the 2500 BP beach, are relatively rare, with 10 sites each at Murray Bay and Cape Chapman, 5 at Abernethy Bay, and 1 each at CPFI and southeast Somerset Island.
Cape Chapman dwellings resemble those on Kent Peninsula in that respect, whereas CPFI is unique within our surveys.
In addition, a distinctly tapered midpassage, though with a still-open narrow end, at site 08-121 on CPFI represents a form intermediate between the parallel and triangular forms (Fig.