CPFMCertified Professional Food Manager (Prometric food safety certification program)
CPFMCampus Planning and Facilities Management (higher education)
CPFMContinuous Phase Frequency Modulation
CPFMCounterpoint FM Radio
CPFMCenter for Protein Folding Machinery (Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX)
CPFMCapital Planning and Facilities Management (various organizations)
CPFMCombustor Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring (combined cycle gas turbines)
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Three devices protect the CPFM against over-extension of the piston in the following order.
05%, which caused the CPFM data to be offset from the GFM data by 0.
Operation of the CPFM requires procedures each day and for each run, defined as one stroke of the piston.
With the exhaust valve open, establish a steady flow through the transfer standard and the CPFM.
Unless stated otherwise, they assume that the CPFM is operated at the usual pressure of 100 kPa absolute.
The difference between the integrated CPFM and LFM flow rates had a time dependence that was similar to that of the PRT temperature, except that it lagged the temperature by approximately 1 h.
A drift of room temperature will cause the tubing between the transfer standard and the CPFM to be an apparent source or sink of flow.
In these tests, the moles accumulated in the CPFM (typically 0.
This is the same computer clock used for the CPFM, so the contribution of time to the relative flow uncertainty is
The LFM was used as a transfer standard to compare the CPFM to the GFM.
The LFM (using the same effective radii) was used also to compare the CPFM to a larger PVTt flow standard at NIST [6].
55) (2 to 33) (36 to 803) flow standard [micro]mol/s [micro]mol/s [micro]mol/s CPFM [+ or -] 0.