CPHEEOCentral Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (India)
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All the values of pH in water samples is well agreed with guidelines given by WHO, BIS and CPHEEO.
Tenders are invited for Planning,Design, Investigation,Construction,Erection,Installation, Completion testing and commissioning in all respect of entire units of Arsenic cum Iron Removal Plant (AIRP) of different capacities capable of removing Arsenic & Iron present in Ground water in different concentration to acceptable limit as recommended by CPHEEO manual on basis of departmental process drawing including 3 months Trial Run & 9 (nine) months Operation & Maintenance in Lump Sum contract basis in WBF-2912 in different blocks in the District of Murshidabad for Murshidabad Division
Dhinadhayalan, Deputy Adviser (PHE), CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development.