CPIBCorrupt Practices Investigation Bureau
CPIBCentre for Plant Integrative Biology (University of Nottingham; Nottingham, England, UK)
CPIBCommandant's Professional Intermediate-Level Education Board (US Marine Corps)
CPIBCanadian Professional Insurance Broker (designation; Insurance Brokers Association of Canada)
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E incluso de lo que habian representado las CPIB durante buena parte de la guerra.
El 26 de agosto de 1937, la CPIB de Ourense acordo que cuando procediese instruir expediente por remision de sentencias por la Comision Central el secretario de la misma procederia de oficio sin necesidad del acuerdo de sus miembros [Archivo de la Audiencia Provincial de Ourense (AAPO), Libro de Actas de la Comision Provincial de Incautaciones de Ourense, fol.
Para hacerse una idea de lo desproporcionado de las sanciones decretadas por la CPIB de Ourense y su interes economico respecto a lo ocurrido en etapas posteriores basta con recordar que la multa de 500.
The CPIB does not prosecute cases but instead refers cases to the Attorney General's Office.
The CPIB also reviews the practices of government offices in Singapore in order to identify weaknesses or practices that might facilitate corruption and to make recommendations to rectify those weaknesses.
Although the CPIB possess somewhat more structure, the CPIB and the ACA (now MACC) are quite similar.
The CPIB is given a strong mandate to investigate all matters pertaining to acts of corruption.
The Internal Security Department, the Criminal Record Office, and the CPIB have played an important role in support of the initiative.
Interviews have also been carried out by officers of the CPIB with employees of some of the company's customers.
The company and its staff continue to co-operate fully with the CPIB and the CAD in their investigations,' it added, saying that it would make further announcements as appropriate and its shares would remain suspended until further notice.
In 1963, the POCA was amended to empower CPIB officers to require the attendance of witnesses and to question them.
On December 14, 1986, then-Minister for National Development Teh Cheang Wan committed suicide, 12 days after he was interrogated for 16 hours by two senior CPIB officers regarding two allegations of corruption against him by a building contractor.