CPIDConnection Point Identification (TE Connectivity Ltd.)
CPIDConsumer Product Information Database
CPIDCalling Party Identification (also see Automatic Number Identification)
CPIDCross-Project Identifier
CPIDCertified Product Information Document (pharmaceutical industry; Canada)
CPIDCarrier Provided Identification (medical insurance)
CPIDComposite Identification
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To bring Xerox and Tektronix CPID together, we augmented the existing management team with other capable individuals from Xerox, thus making the in-.
The sequence of control messages begins with the multimedia network forwarding the calling party identification (CPID) and the VAX retrieving and displaying the caller or location profile based on the CPID received.
The software and documentation, and the program CPIDS for crop parameters, are freely available at http://topsoil.
A search in the database in CPIDS showed that there was hardly any useful information on pineapple.