CPIFCentre Photographique d'Ile-de-France (French photography center)
CPIFCost Plus Incentive-Fee (Contract)
CPIFCalculated Planning Impairment Factor
CPIFCoordination Pédagogique et Ingénierie de Formation (French: Educational Coordination and Management Training)
CPIFCalifornia Poultry Industry Federation
CPIFCalifornia Partners in Flight (conservation)
CPIFClean Power Income Fund (Canada)
CPIFContract Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee
CPIFCreststreet Power & Income Fund LP (Canada)
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In practice, the CPIF has been the Riksbank's operational target variable for several years.
As measured by the CPIF (consumer price index with constant mortgage rates), it was just 0.
In pure number terms that figure has increased by a fifth over the previous year when 30 of the banks in the CPIF 100 were Islamic.
For Sweden, figure 1 shows realized and forecast CPIF inflation (the annual change in the consumer price index excluding direct effects on the CPI of changes in mortgage rates) from the Riksbank's June/July 2010 meeting.
The predominant contracts of this category in the Department of Defense are CPIF contracts and FPI contracts.
Estas entrevistas permitieron el intercambio de ideas, significados y sentimientos (25) con los CPIF sobre la alimentacion de los ninos con PC a partir de una serie de topicos previamente definidos.
Data from the months of February, May, August, and November were also collected for expenditures on durable goods (EDG), number of persons employed (EMPL), personal disposal income (PDI), real wages (WAGE), prime (interest) rate (PR), Dow Jones Index (DJI), net credit extensions (CRED), CPIF, CPINF, and a dummy variable for periods of wage and price control (W/P).
For some time, the CPIF (the consumer price index with a fixed interest rate) has been used as the Riksbank's operational target variable.
All in all, inflation as measured by the CPIF (consumer price index with constant mortgage rates) will remain low and will not reach the inflation target until the end of 2017 (see Diagram 26).
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) was the top UAE bank in the CPIF 100 Awards.
On the other hand, a contractor's maximum liability for overrunning a typical CPIF contract is no profit.
Nevertheless, SEB estimates that Sweden's underlying inflation CPIF, or consumer price index (CPI) excluding mortgage interest expenses, will remain below 2%.