CPIRCephalic Phase Insulin Release
CPIRContract Problem Identification Report
CPIRCorporate Preparedness Industrial Representative
CPIRCertified Practitioner of Investor Relations (Association of Investor Relations Practitioners; Singapore)
CPIRCentar za Politicko Istrazivanje i Razvoj (Croatian: Center for Policy Research and Development; Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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Previously published data pointed out that saccharin is capable of inducing CPIR in rats [11], which in our study might have led to hypertrophy of islets and increased VvL in treated animals, especially in males.
CPIR will conduct research focusing on unbiased, patient reported measurement of the comparative effectiveness of medical practices, both clinical processes and outcomes, which lead to continuous improvement and system wide cost savings.
With UPI, we have built and are managing 50 interfaces to R/3," said Tony Smith, CPIR project manager at Ciba Crop Protection, a division of Ciba Geigy located in Greensboro, North Carolina.