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CPLDComplex Programmable Logic Device
CPLDConseil de Prévention et de Lutte contre le Dopage (Council to Prevent and Fight Doping)
CPLDContinuous Professional Learning and Development
CPLDChronische Polymorfe Licht Dermatose
CPLDCommittee on Planning and Land Development (Hong Kong)
CPLDConstant Positive Linear Dependence
CPLDChillicothe Public Library District (Chillicothe, IL, USA)
CPLDCahokia Public Library District (Cahokia, IL, USA)
CPLDChild Protection Learning & Development
CPLDChronic Parenchymal Liver Disease
CPLDContinuous Pressure Leak Detector
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The main component on the board is an Altera EPM3512QC208-10 CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device).
The CoolRunner-II starter kit together with the peripheral module expansion option makes it simple for us to prototype a wide variety of functions into our CPLD development.
Atmel's ProChip Designer(R) fitter automatically checks CPLD resource utilization and implements logic doubling without any user action.
We have been using CPLDs and FPGAs for several years across a wide variety of applications, and the new low-cost, high-density MAX II devices, combined with Altera's PCI cores, allow us to expand the CPLD application space," said Mike Hermann, vice president of engineering operations at Nuvation.
The PLK also provides an out-of-the-box solution for the Multi-Medial/Sidekick Reference Design, including a VGA/CRT display driver, keyboard/mouse driver, serial port driver, PCMCIA driver, and a CPLD that acts as an Ethernet/Flash loader.
When Altera first introduced the MAX IIZ CPLD to the market, it was designed primarily for portable, handheld devices," said Luanne Schirrmeister, senior director of component product marketing at Altera Corporation.
Now representing a record 10 percent of overall company revenue, Xilinx annual CPLD sales have grown more than 85 percent over the past five calendar years, compared with overall market growth of just 17 percent (CY06 versus CY02).
Through this OEM agreement, FPGA designers can now easily realize the power of the Precision(R) RTL Synthesis tool from Mentor Graphics within Atmel's FPSLIC(R) FPGA and the ProChip Designer(R) CPLD development systems.
The XPLA3 architecture also offers the most clocking options of any CPLD available to simplify the implementation of logic designs.
PWM for lighting, sound and motion control using a MAX IIZ CPLD on a SLS Mantra board for portable devices.
The purpose of this package is to help designers compare FPGAs and CPLDs between the leading vendors in order to make the best decisions based on design power constraints and requirements.
Programmable logic devices offer many advantages over other silicon solutions such as ASSPs and ASICs, including lower development costs, shorter development times and greater design flexibility," said Luanne Schirrmeister, Altera's director of CPLD product marketing.