CPMASCross Polarization Magic Angle Spinning
CPMASCommunications Performance Monitoring and Assessment
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13]C CPMAS NMR spectra of soils with different bamboo planting times were shown in Fig.
However, 13C CPMAS NMR shows that foliar litter is actually rather low in lignin (5-10%), and may contain similar or higher proportions of two other biopolymers, cutin and condensed tannins (CT) [3].
C] CPMAS solid-state NMR was observed with a 500 MHz Varian Innova Spectrometer.
15]N CPMAS spectrum of PMDI-treated southern pine (not shown) is very similar to that of aspen (shown in Fig.
15]N CPMAS NMR spectra of bulk soils, particle size fractions and organic material by treatment with 10% hydrofluoric acid.
I3C CPMAS NMR analysis revealed that changes in the relative proportions of carbon from the four spectral regions (alkyl, O-alkyl, aromatic and carboxylic), due to land use at each site, were relatively minor.
Lorenz K, Preston CM, Feger KH (2001) Long-term effects of liming on microbial biomass and activity and soil organic matter quality (C-13 CPMAS NMR) in organic horizons of Norway spruce forests in Southern Germany.
13] solid-state CPMAS NMR was used to probe and actually to deny possible phase miscibility and molecular level interaction within the modified PVC, since such effects are not very probable at the polymerization conditions used.
Goncalves CN, Dalmolin RSD, Dick D, Knicker H, Klamt E, Kogel-Knabner I (2003) The effect of 10% HF treatment on the resolution of CPMAS [sup.
13] CPMAS NMR of the films shows characteristic peaks, which are presented in Fig.