CPMIECChina Precision Machinery Import Export Corporation (Beijing, China)
CPMIECChinese Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp.
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government never provided names or addresses of CPMIEC subsidiaries, so American buyers cannot be blamed if they do not comply with the law and do business with CPMIEC or its subsidiaries.
There were constraints in terms of transfer of technology and issues of joint production with CPMIEC apart from the strategic concerns.
CPMIEC again showed models of a wide range of surface-to-air and anti-ship guided missiles, and ground-to-ground rocket projectiles.
MOSCOW -- Sistema (LSE:SSA), the largest public diversified corporation in Russia and the CIS, which manages fast growing companies operating in the consumer services sector, today announced that it has signed an agreement on cooperation with CPMIEC, the Chinese National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an signaled that Turkey would reconsider its decision, facing criticism and pressure from its allies after eliminating US bidders Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, as well as Eurosam, a French-Italian consortium, to select CPMIEC for the six-year project code-named T-Loramids on Sept.
The state-run Chinese firm CPMIEC is on a US sanctions list.
CPMIEC now offers the 708 kg WS-1B rocket, which delivers a 150 kg warhead out to 180 km.
And for dealing with arms and missile technology to Iran and Syria, CPMIEC, that makes HQ-9 missile system, is under US approval.
CPMIEC that makes the HQ-9 missile system, beat competition from a US partnership of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, Russia's Rosoboronexport, and Italian-French consortium Eurosam for the deal, estimated at $4 billion (2.
The People's Republic of China has a large inventory of missiles, most of which are based on elderly Soviet technology, but in 1988 CPMIEC exhibited an upgraded version of its C.
Rather than admit that it was influenced by NATO's concerns, the government cited disagreements over technology transfer issues with CPMIEC as a pretext to initiate talks with the European and US bidders.