CPMIECChina Precision Machinery Import Export Corporation (Beijing, China)
CPMIECChinese Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp.
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Once again, China's CPMIEC appears to have been designated as the technology partner, implying strong influence of China's B611M tactical ballistic missile over what Turkish authorities began calling Bora missiles.
For instance, back in December 2013, Bank of America Merrill Lynch dropped its bid to broker the public offering of Turkish military electronics company ASELSAN on the grounds that NATO member Turkey was holding negotiations with China's CPMIEC to co-produce T-Loramids.
Turkish President Abdullah Gul stated that the CPMIEC deal "is not
government never provided names or addresses of CPMIEC subsidiaries, so American buyers cannot be blamed if they do not comply with the law and do business with CPMIEC or its subsidiaries.
NATO and the United States showed disapproval to Ankara's choice on the grounds that the CPMIEC was then on a US sanctions list.
The letter states that if Turkey procures the CPMIEC system, possible responses could include "Turkish expulsion from the NATO Air Defense Ground Environment and intensified scrutiny of all Turkey-NATO security cooperation activities.
The move irritated its NATO allies, particularly the United States, which has imposed sanctions on CPMIEC for selling arms and missile technology to Iran and Syria.
In an official statement last week, Turkey said it has "decided to begin talks with the CPMIEC company of the People's Republic of China for the joint production of the systems and its missiles in Turkey".
China's twin-boom ASN-209 was shown in model form by Catic, while the canard-configuration CH-3 was presented by both CPMIEC and Poly Technologies.
MOSCOW -- Sistema (LSE:SSA), the largest public diversified corporation in Russia and the CIS, which manages fast growing companies operating in the consumer services sector, today announced that it has signed an agreement on cooperation with CPMIEC, the Chinese National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation.
CPMIEC was selected over US firms Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, as well as Russian Rosoboronexport and the French-Italian Eurosam.
15) Nevertheless, Turkish President Abdullah Gul has stated that the CPMIEC deal "is not definite.