CPMLCall Policy Markup Language
CPMLCommunist Party Marxist-Leninist (est. 1971)
CPMLCompaq Portable Math Library (Linux)
CPMLCall Policy Markup Language (Digital Telecomm. Inc.)
CPMLCommodity Products Markup Language (computer programming)
CPMLConvolutional Perfectly-Matched Layer
CPMLCall Processing Markup Language
CPMLComponent Persistence Markup Language (computing)
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English, US, and Canadian domestic laws and case law as well as the Greek CPML follow the example of the said mies and maintain two distinct carrier exoneration causes.
To obtain necessary surface currents, the selected surface is a rectangular box that it's faces are 13 cells away from the outer boundaries, thus 3 cells away from the CPML interface and residing in the air gap region.
The reflection error brought about by the MPML and CPML are graphed in Fig.
z], and CPML parameters) are copied to GPU constant memory, constant arrays (like permittivity array) are bind to the texture memory.