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CPMPCommittee for Proprietary Medicinal Products
CPMPCertified Project Management Professional (various organizations)
CPMPCarrier Performance Measurement Plan
CPMPCore-Plus Mathematics Project
CPMPCertified Public Manager Program (various schools)
CPMPComprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program (various organizations)
CPMPCommissioning Process Management Professional (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)
CPMPConference on Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals
CPMPChronic Pain Management Program (various organizations)
CPMPCrew Procedures Management Plan (NASA)
CPMPCanadian Project Management Professional
CPMPClozapine Patient Management Protocol
CPMPCentre for Progress of Manipuri People (India)
CPMPCorporate Project Management Procedure (UK)
CPMPCorporate Planning and Management Practices
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CPMP, Stability testing of existing active substances and related finished products, in CPMP/QWP/122/02, EMEA (European medicines agency).
Remedies: At this point I gave Kate a repeat of the last herb mix and more CPMP with a repeat script.
CPMP Note for Guidance on Genotoxicity: Guidance on Specific Aspects of Regulatory Genotoxicity Tests for Pharmaceuticals (CPMP/ICH/141/95).
CPMP has developed student and teacher materials for three-year high school mathematics curriculum for all students and a fourth-year course for college bound students.
Wyeth-Ayerst said the CPMP summary of the opinion published by the EMEA, the recommended indication states: "The benefits with Rapamune pertain to its ability to provide adequate immunosuppression during maintenance therapy with corticosteroids, without causing nephrotoxicity.
The CPMP curriculum materials are written to support a variety of effective classroom instructional strategies, especially those that engage students in the collaborative investigation of mathematical ideas in realistic problem contexts.
After receiving the application, the EMEA refers the matter to the CPMP for review, which must issue an opinion on the application within 210 days.
In contrast to tracked programs that limit opportunities for students through work-prep, tech-prep, and college-prep sequences, the CPMP curriculum is a single-core sequence during the first three years.
NFU vice-president Paul Temple said: "It is clear from the thousands of CPMP returns we receive from across the UK and the success of the Voluntary Initiative that the farming industry takes pesticide stewardship very seriously.
The CPMP has recommended to the European Commission that approval for teriparatide should be granted.