CPMRConference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
CPMRCertified Professional Manufacturers Representative
CPMRCampaign for Popular Media Reform (Thailand)
CPMRCommittee for Public Management Research (Ireland)
CPMRConflict Prevention, Management, Resolution
CPMRComputerized Patient Medical Record
CPMRCampaign Planning and Mission Rehearsal
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Through its extensive network of contacts within the EU institutions and national governments the CPMR has, since 1973, been targeting its action towards ensuring that the needs and interests of its member regions are taken into account in respect of policies with a high territorial impact.
Surfrider and the CPMR are calling for compliance with existing regulations, including the Erika III package, in all EU member states and for the adoption of enhanced rules through an Erika IV package.
The study is being undertaken by an expert team from the member states in the Atlantic Area, co-ordinated by the Forward Studies Unit of the CPMR, and under the guidance of a Steering Committee composed of the partner regions.
The idea of a specific EU fund to cover ecological damage not taken into account by the IOPC features among the options put forward by the CPMR, which is also calling for the extension of Directive 2004/35/EC on environmental responsibility to cover damage to European marine environment, which is currently excluded.
This initiative is timely because the CPMR and the MEPs involved want to benefit from the fact that the EU summit of 8 February, in its conclusions with regard to the future EU financial framework, recognised that island territories have specific challenges.
However, CPMR Energy Group Coordinator Jean-Didier Hache railed against certain pressure groups' "improper use of environmental legislation, especially concerning birds, to oppose the siting of wind farms in protected areas".
She has been vice-president of the CPMR since 2012.
The CPMR agrees with the Commission's view on the administrative red tape and physical obstacles currently compromising the development of renewable energy in Europe as well as the inadequate investment in energy transmission networks, which affect not only the interconnections between national networks but more particularly the capacity of peripheral maritime regions and islands to exploit their potential in terms of renewable energy.
Herve Jouanjean, director-general at the Commission's DG Budget, also repeated at the CPMR meeting that this is a "fundamental point for a number of states that play an important role in the budget".
Jean-Yves Le Drian, president of the CPMR and the region of Brittany, reminded the seminar that the CPMR participated in the development of measures on maritime security (the Erika I, II and III packages) and also prepared proposals for a fourth Erika package, which initially focused on container ships, but whose field of application, said Le Drian, should now be extended to cover passenger transport.
The CPMR stressed the need for the actual implementation of decisions the Member States have adopted to improve safety at sea.
Certain CPMR member regions were even obliged to temporarily leave our ranks for strictly financial reasons.