CPNICustomer Proprietary Network Information
CPNICentre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (UK)
CPNICoolidge Personality and Neuropsychological Inventory (child test)
CPNICalling Party Number Identification
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Romano argued, though, that stricter broadband CPNI requirements should have little impact on small telcos because small-telco CSRs generally handle both voice and broadband issues and are already in the habit of following appropriate CPNI procedures.
CPNI, "Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure" Londres (Reino Unido), 2011.
CPNI Director Stephen Cummings told the Royal United Services Institute: "The insider threat is real.
Her first presentation, "Putting CPNI Into Practice," provided attendees with marketing tips that in corporate the CPNI rules.
One of the restrictions was the adoption of opt-in customer consent, as opposed to opt-out CPNI includes data about individual customers' identities, calling patterns, services they buy and other account information.
210) Absent customer approval, telecommunications carriers may use, disclose, or permit access to CPNI only in providing the telecommunications service from which the information is derived.
Moreover, while CPNI includes aggregate data, Section 222 applies less stringent requirements to such data.
By next summer our goal is that service reps can call up and get CPNI [customer proprietary network information], billing information, accounts receivable status, trouble history and fiber infrastructure," he continued.