CPNZCommunist Party of New Zealand
CPNZCapital Properties New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand)
CPNZCommunication Partners New Zealand (business telecommunications company)
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Through their CPNZ contacts, Auckland PYMers established working relationships with many militant unionists.
Even so, one of its members, Tama Poata, was also a member of the CPNZ, an organiser for the Wellington Drivers' Union, and the secretary of the Maori Organisation On Human Rights (MOOHR).
Taylor does not deny that the CPNZ received financial assistance nor that it lined up behind the Comintern over specific campaigns, but he locates such actions in a framework of culture, intra-left dynamics and local agency which Trapeznik does not engage with.
argument of CPNZ passivity to external influences, namely the Comintern and the CPA, is debunked'.