CPOFCommand Post of the Future (US DoD)
CPOFCorrectional Peace Officers Foundation (est. 1984)
CPOFCapital Protection Oriented Fund (India)
CPOFConditional Payment of Fee
CPOFCommon Point of Failure (communication circuits)
CPOFCenter for Promise and Opportunity Foundation (Washington, DC)
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CPOF is the system that allows non-intelligence staff--throughout echelon--to share knowledge that facilitates commander understanding.
With our new speech and sketch interfaces for Google Earth, Replay, and CPOF, it's even easier for commanders to enter data into command and control, battlefield simulation, and C4ISR systems.
CPOF enables commanders and their staffs - more than 200 simultaneous users - to collaboratively develop operational plans, then monitor plan rehearsal and execution from geographically dispersed headquarters.
Use of a tailored DoD 5000 acquisition strategy allowed the new CPOF technology to be fielded as a technology insertion into the Army Battle Command System (ABCS).
The award was bestowed upon the members of the CPOF team which included General Dynamics, ISX, Oculus and Global InfoTek.
Everything the brigade surgeon section uses for situational awareness on the battlefield is provided through the brigade S-4 section, where it inevitably shares a CPOF.
These digital systems go relatively untrained at home station due to lack of Brigade level training events, but the command post can overcome this by utilizing CPOF stand alone software.
During this time the G2 stressed digital proficiency, collective training, and integration of DCGS-A ACE BLOCK II with AFATDS, CPOF, and JADOCS to enable training and effective production in support of all division battle rhythm events.
Since it was established, CPOF has always maintained a commitment to take care of the men and women in the corrections profession.
Something as simple as using CPOF to conduct commander update briefs in garrison can sustain CPOF skills.
Having the information for that brief on the CPOF was the first step in generating the COP.