CPP-ACPCasein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate
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In our study the greatest degree of depth of remineralisation was found in the GIC containing CPP-ACP followed by GIC containing grape seed extract but the difference between them was not statistically significant, so both were more effective in remineralisation as compared to GIC.
2011] GIC containing CPP-ACP inhibited enamel demineralisation, when subjected to an acid challenge using lactic acid buffer at pH 4.
The incorporation of CPP-ACP into Fuji VII had variable effects on the working and physical properties according to a previous study [Mazzaoui et al.
Grape seed extract and CPP-ACP had a significant potential to remineralise demineralised dentine in permanent teeth.
He also said that ingesting CPP-ACP will improve protection against tooth decay.