CPPAGCanadian Personal Property Appraiser Group
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Thus under the executive direction from the ECC (April 30, 2015), NEPRA mandated the CPPAG to propose the characteristics of a competitive trading bilateral contracts market (the CTBCM).
The experts of Hubco, Orient Energy Systems , Albario Engineering, General Electric, CPPAG, Descon, ABB, Master Wind Energy, Engro Powergen Ltd, SHPL, PAEC, Lucky Electric, Lalpir and Pakgen, HDIP, PPIB, AEDB and Energy Department Govt of Sindh, MAQ International and senior officials NTDC participated in the session in person as well as through video links.
Another challenge we foresee that there is an issue of circular debt whereby price gap between the consumer tariff and generation tariff may create financial issues for CPPAG.