CPSBCalcasieu Parish School Board (Lake Charles, LA)
CPSBCompact Packet-Switching Backplane (802.3 Ethernet standard)
CPSBCity Public Service Board
CPSBChina Postal Savings Bank
CPSBCameron Parish School Board (Louisiana)
CPSBConsumer Product Safety Bureau (Canada)
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The CPSB has just finished the interview of the BOC personnel for promotion on January 18 and 19.
The adaptor-ligated DNA was hybridized for 64 h at 42 [degrees]C to one of 4 independent array sectors for samples CPSA, CPSB, and OTCB with hybridization conditions that were slightly modified compared with those for sample OTCA (see Methods in the online Data Supplement).
A 454-sequencing service provider (Microsynth) prepared a single sequencing library from the tagged and equally pooled samples CPSA, CPSB, OTCB, and UNC, and a separate library for sample OTCA.
For the pooled library of samples CPSA, CPSB, OTCB, and UNC, we obtained a total of 584 390 sequence reads and 181 Mb of sequence with a mean read length of 311 bp.
This result indicated a more homogeneous sequence distribution across the target region for samples CPSA, CPSB, and OTCB, potentially because of the slightly modified hybridization protocol (Table 1).
The 3 samples captured with an identical protocol (CPSA, CPSB, and OTCB) had very similar distributions of sequencing depth, which demonstrated the high intersample reproducibility of the MSC procedure (Table 2, Fig.
The CPSB has the right to request clarification or additional information from the vendor.
Work with CPSB departmental administrators to schedule times for employee measurements.
16-compliant cPSBs offer one slot that is convertible to a system slot via a CPU Enable resistor.
The 8-slot cPSBs come in a dual star topology for redundancy.