CPSFCleavage Polyadenylation Specificity Factor (transcription of DNA in a eukaryotic cell)
CPSFChicago Patient Safety Forum (Chicago, IL)
CPSFCost per Square Foot (business measurement)
CPSFCenter for Protein Structure and Function (Faculty of Science; Mahidol University; Bangkok, Thailand)
CPSFCommander Philippine Sea Frontier (US Navy; WWII)
CPSFCritical Project Success Factors
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During the early 1990s the use of antemortem/postmortem DNA sample comparison, and the capability to take, store and retrieve digital panographic images negated the need for physical, central storage and the CPSF was closed.
Fosforilada aumenta su afinidad por el CPSF (Factor especifico de poliadenilacion y clivaje) une a la region AAUAAA del 3'UTR del ARNm y resulta la PAP (polimerasa de poliadenilacion) que a continuacion elonga el tallo de poli A (nucleotidos de adenina).
CPSF bought the property for $280,000 in July 1983 from the bankruptcy estate of International Properties Inc.