CPSOCollege of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
CPSOCaddo Parish Sheriff's Office (Shreveport, LA)
CPSOCalcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office
CPSOCo-Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOConcordia Parish Sheriff's Office (Vidalia, LA)
CPSOClustering Particle Swarm Optimizer (algorithms)
CPSOCombinatorial Particle Swarm Optimization (mathematics)
CPSOCharged Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCellular Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOClonal Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCloud Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
CPSOComparative Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCompound Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOConstricted Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOComplementary Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOCraziness Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
CPSOCataloging Policy & Support Office (Library of Congress)
CPSOCultural Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithms)
CPSOContractor Program Security Officer
CPSOCertified Patient Safety Officer
CPSOCooperative Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOCommunity Police Support Officers (UK)
CPSOChaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
CPSOCombat Protection System Outrider
CPSOCaldwell Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana)
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Addressing these issues specifically, the Task Force recommended that good character evidence expressly be countered by Counsel for the CPSO in each case as of no bearing on propensity to abuse.
It is interesting that the CPSO and the CMA both chose the terminology of "harm" as opposed to "error" or "adverse event".
On 19 December 2001, the Complaints Committee of the CPSO issued its report on the allegations against Dr.
Table 3 validated that the objective function value found by RABC was better than that of each of GA4, HGA, CPSO, CAEP, and original ABC and little higher the HPSO.
Finally, comparison of results of the CPSO algorithm with PSO algorithm showed the CPSO algorithm's eff ectiveness and superiority in terms of convergence speed and quality of variables' response.
The CPSO Annual report shows that of the 2,146 public complaints it dealt with in 2013, no action was taken for 1,256 (59%), and physicians were given advice, issued cautions or required to take an educational course in 828 (39%).
Compared with the basic CPSO, Improved Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization (ICPSO) provides a new method for M([S.
Este proximo esfuerzo tambien puede ser visto como un intento por ligar mi CPSO (Conferencia Permanente sobre el Simbolismo Organizacional) "interna" y mi SIEPO (Sociedad Internacional para el Estudio Psicoanalitico de las Organizaciones) "interna", por asi decirlo.
The CPSO episode is but one example of that, and the medical profession but one theatre--albeit a vital one--in which the attack is being carried out.
It is also acceptable under the parameters outlined by CPSO to treat oneself or loved ones in an emergency where no one else is qualified, because the potential benefits would outweigh the potential problems.
Over 10% of the CPSO membership is practising outside of Ontario.