CPTLCapital (clothing company)
CPTLCompagnie des Pétroles Total Libye (Total SA Group Affiliates)
CPTLClean Power Technologies Ltd. (UK)
CPTLCenter for Trade Policy and Law (Carleton University; Ottawa, Canada)
CPTLCutaneous Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas (dermatology)
CPTLCircular Pharyngectomies with Total Laryngectomy
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The CPTL scheduling algorithm uses CPT attribute which is the difference between CP and T-Level attributes.
This section presents comparisons among proposed algorithm: CPTL Scheduling algorithm and heuristic algorithms: HLFET, MCP, ETF, and DLS Scheduling algorithms.
CPTL scheduling algorithm gives minimum scheduling length as compared to heuristic scheduling algorithms.
We present new algorithm based on two attributes: Critical Path (CP) and Top level (T-level), called CPTL scheduling algorithm.
Is the basic CPTL insurance offered by the LTO enough?