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CPTPCivilian Pilot Training Program
CPTPComprehensive Public Training Program
CPTPConcrete Pavement Technology Program
CPTPCertified Penetration Testing Professional
CPTPCentre de Physiopathologie de Toulouse Purpan
CPTPCompanhia Portuguesa de Trabalhos Portuários E Construções (Portuguese: Portuguese Company of Port Works and Buildings)
CPTPCanadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (cancer & lifestyle study)
CPTPClínica de Piel y Transplante de Pelo
CPTPChronic Postvasectomy Testicular Pain
CPTPCargo Paperless Transportation Project
CPTPCustomised Personal Training Programmes
CPTPComputer Program Test Procedures
CPTPComputer Program Test Plan
CPTPCommercial Product Test Program
CPTPCampaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
CPTPCarrier Pigeon Transport Protocol :-)
CPTPCivilian Personnel Transition Plan
CPTPConflict Prediction and Trial Planner
CPTPCombustion Particulate Transfer Protocol (smoke signal protocol used to refer to old technology)
CPTPCompletely Positive and Trace-Preserving
CPTPCurrent Pre-Tax Profit
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Okerstrom captures that story and masterfully weaves it into a narrative of Lieutenant Lamar's journey from CPTP cadet to B-24 copilot to POW in Stalag Luft 1.
Having foreseen such opportunities, the CLSA and the CPTP have included questions related to data linkage in their participant informed consent forms.
After the CPTP had been established, but before the first class had started, these Airmen made history when Eleanor Roosevelt took a flight with Charles A.
He provides technical oversight and guidance for CPTP Task 65, a highly focused technology transfer activity for the numerous products resulting from some 30 projects within FHWA's CPTP.
The increasing volume of procedures will boost the adoption of CPTP.
The CPTP will produce practical and readily usable tools, guidelines, methods, and software to be used in the selection of materials, mix and pavement design, construction, and operation.
The work evolved into a systematic program of studies designated as CPTP.
In Western and Eastern Europe, single-use CPTP have particularly gained traction due to the stricter enforcement of infection-control measures within the hospital environment," said Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Senior Research Analyst Parthasarathy Raghava.
The advantages of using custom procedure packs have been the major drivers for the CPTP market since its inception," notes Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Beulah Devadason.
Key Findings --The revenue of the total Western and the Eastern European CPTP market was estimated to be $ x million in 2014.
CPTPs offer off-the-shelf convenience for hospitals, reduce costs, and lead to more-efficient operating rooms with faster turnaround times.